APOLA Community Award Series

APOLA provides education and training programs for numerous groups including professional lifeguards and Community Training for surf coaches, teachers supervising school surfing activity, students, parents and others seeking open waters aquatics and Emergency Response Training such Provide CPR, Provide first aid and Apply advanced resuscitation techniques. APOLA also assists coastal Councils and other organisations with ocean lifeguard staff recruitment, staff induction and risk management programs.

APOLA trainers with nationally accredited Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and/or higher qualifications deliver industry-recognised qualifications and awards such as the Professional Ocean Lifeguard (POL) Award for professional ocean lifeguards, the Community Training Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award (OSSCA) for surf coaches, the School Surfing Supervisor Award (SSSA) for teachers, the Ocean Safety Surf Patroller Award (OSSPA) for recreational surfers, the Beach Swimmer Award (OSBSA) for body surfers and ocean swimmers as well as the Ocean Safety Beach Visitor Awareness Award (OSBVAA) for irregular beach visitors. The Department of Education and Communities and School Surfing Association endorsed Ocean Safety Surfer Award (OSSA) delivered by school teachers and other APOLA licensed instructors provides for practical and theoretical beginner surfers within schools, universities and other education and training agencies.

Apart from POL training for ocean lifeguards  Ocean Lifeguard Training also includes Lifeguard Power-Craft (LPC) ocean rescue skills courses, Suspected Spinal Injury Care courses, Beach Vehicle Driver (4WD and ATV) courses for beach use and other pre and post employment training for professional lifeguards and other aquatic professionals including short course assessment days, 40 hour, 80 hour and 120 hour courses for ocean lifeguards and surf coaches are also available as stand alone industry awards or awards that capture specified units of competency within nationally accredited Certificate III and Certificate IV qualifications.

APOLA Assessors and Trainers also deliver Emergency Response Training with an aquatic focus including common recognized training in Provide First Aid/Apply First Aid, Provide Advanced Resuscitation/Apply Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Provide CPR/Perform CPR and other units of competency required for the completion and/or partial completion of nationally accredited Certificate III and Certificate IV qualifications. See the Ocean Lifeguard Training section for more information.

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APOLA Community Awards