Boating Safety

Q: When and why should I check the weather conditions before I go out boating?
A thorough check of weather conditions is vital every time before going boating. This includes recognising that conditions may change as a forecast of relatively calm conditions in the morning for example could potentially become dangerous conditions in the afternoon. The Vessel must be capable of handling the conditions forecast and that the skipper has the necessary experience to handle changing conditions. Remember, if in doubt, don’t go out

Q: I’ve been boating for years and can swim OK, do I still need to wear a life jacket?
Life jackets are an important safety item and a requirement on any boat for each person. Children and poor swimmers should always wear a Life Jacket. Life Jackets need to be accessible and ready for use because a life jacket stowed way will not do the job it was designed for.

Q: Is it OK to have a few beers when out on the water in a boat?
The combination of wind, waves and weather can multiply the effects of alcohol and collectively are known as ‘boater fatigue’. Persons with ‘boater fatigue’ are at a greater risk of drowning should they fall into the water.

The blood alcohol limits are the same on the water as on our roads. A person in charge of a vessel must keep under the 0.05 blood alcohol limit. For commercial vessel operators the lower blood alcohol limit of 0.02 applies.