APOLA What Do We Do?

  • APOLA is dedicated to promoting supporting, and advancing the essential work of professional beach inspector ocean lifeguards. Reducing the risk of injury and drowning at beaches through education, training and collaborative activity for safe and considered use of the beach and ocean environment.
  • It brings together highly motivated and experienced aquatic professionals to discuss, research, develop, review and teach professional ocean lifeguards and coastal councils about best practice for beach management, community education and ocean water safety. A highly skilled workforce enables beach users to be well looked after when attending beaches.
  • Encourages beach users to care for others and the shared physical environment which is Australia’s beautiful coastline.
  • Engages in ongoing consultation across all government, education and training, aquatic safety, medical and law enforcement sectors.
  • Develops professional working relationships with emergency, health, planning,tourism and law enforcement professionals who support professional ocean lifeguard work. Ambulance paramedics, specialist rescue unit personnel, health care professionals, and training and education personnel all play a vital part in supporting ocean lifeguard work.
  • Participates in numerous water safety forums at local, regional, state, national and international levels.