The majority of individual members are full-time career professionals from Council Lifeguard Services in the major coastal centres of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Membership for individuals and organisations including coastal councils across Australia make up a network that provides for:

  • Convening forums that focus on current issues in ocean safety and beach management, coordination and planning for industry workshops, training programs, seminars and APOLA participation in local, state, federal and international forums.
  • Co-ordination of an Annual National Conference for professional Beach Inspector Ocean Lifeguards.
  • Provision of advice on ocean safety, management of coastal assets, risk management in and around open waters,tourism support, professional lifeguard and aquatic professionals training and open and transparent ocean lifeguard recruitment practices.
  • Management of the APOLA Board of Education, Training, Examination and Awards which oversees a comprehensive training and education awards system for professional lifeguards, surf coaches, teachers, parents and other community groups.
  • Delivering beach water safety education and training programs for pre school, school, adult, senior adult, workplace, aquatic sports coaches, specific needs, surf coaches, school teachers and professional ocean lifeguards.
  • Conductioning the annual Australian Professional Beach Inspector Ocean Lifeguard Championships for Professional Beach Inspector Ocean Lifeguards, and other regional events including inter-Council Lifeguard Challenge competitions such as the Annual Bondi Lifeguard Challenge Relay each Febuary
  • Recognising outstanding professional service for professional lifeguards and non-lifeguard individuals who have: saved life and/or prevented serious injury through feats of bravery and demonstration of high level rescue and first aid skills; developed innovative rescue equipment; or have developed first aid, rescue and other procedures which effectively improve safety in the workplace. The Annual Meritorious & Outstanding Service Awards Dinner enables professional ocean lifeguards the opportunity to recognise, celebrate and reward colleagues for their commitment to professional ocean lifeguarding.

Membership is available for individuals and organisations and is renewable annually from 1st May just prior to the National Industry Conference


  • Professional – for individuals currently employed as professional beach inspector ocean lifeguards
  • Trainee – for individuals training to be professional beach inspector ocean lifeguards
  • Associate – for individuals no longer working as professional beach inspector ocean lifeguards
  • Community – for individuals attaining an APOLA Community Award
  • Support – for other individuals interested in association activities


  • Coastal Councils – for Councils operating professional Beach Inspector Ocean Lifeguard Services
  • Associate Organisations – organisations supportive of aquatic safety
  • Sponsors – organisations contributing to the development and delivery of association programs

Annual Membership Fees

Individual annual membership fees (including GST): $44

Organisation annual membership fees (including GST):
Associate Organisations supportive of aquatic safety $110
Associate Coastal Councils $220

Membership Benefits

Individual Membership

  • Membership Card
  • National Professional Ocean Lifeguard Registration (Professional Members)
  • Distinguished Service and other special recognition awards eligibility
  • Information and Advisory Services including Positions Vacant, Event Notices and Surf Alerts
  • Newsletters including OCEAN LIFEGUARD and APOLA ENEWS
  • Discounts for industry training, workshops, conferences, reports and other publications
  • Discounts on APOLA Shop merchandise including shirts, caps, towels and swimwear
  • Sponsor merchandise and equipment.

Organisation Membership

  • Membership Certificate
  • Distinguished Service and other special recognition awards eligibility
  • Information and Advisory Services including Positions Vacant, Event Notices and Surf Alerts
  • Newsletters including OCEAN LIFEGUARD and APOLA ENEWS
  • Eligibility for participation in industry, training, workshops, conferences and special events
  • Discounts for staff training, workshops, conferences, reports and other industry publications

Continuing Membership

A reduced fee membership for individuals is available at lass than the current $44 annual membership rate for members choosing a 5,10,20,25 or 50 year member subscription. To become a continuing member please use the continuing individual membership scheme form to select: silver, gold, super gold, diamond, or grand diamond levels.